A word on transformation...

Dramatic transformation does not come from techniques, step by step processes and detailed plans. Dramatic leaps occur when something invisible all of a sudden becomes visible. Insight clicks, we have an "a-ha" moment. Transformative coaching creates insight. 

The work I do with my clients answers the following questions:

How do I gain clarity to create my next business venture or make a bold career move?

How do we know we are making the right hiring/firing decision?

How can I turn off the voices in my head that say “You really should be doing x, y and z instead of a, b and c?

How can I be successful in my career and a supportive, loving, involved parent at the same time?

How can I continue being successful in business without it taking such a toll on my body, mind and spirit?

Coaching and Consulting

Immersion One on One Coaching – Each coaching engagement is custom tailored to the client. Programs focus first on clearing up any misunderstanding in a client’s situation, misunderstanding that leads to dissatisfaction at work, unhealthy relationships with staff, business partners, children and family members not to mention unmanageable levels of stress and overwhelm. Once the foundation is set, my clients literally build anything (new businesses, new streams of income, their dream homes, and more) on top of this sturdy foundation with less effort than they thought possible. Immersion engagements typically consist of a one-on-one retreat and regularly scheduled coaching sessions in person or via web conference. Engagements last from 6 months to a year. 

Spot Coaching - Occasionally my clients come with something more short term that they want a greater level of understanding with. Examples might be a relationship flare up with a business partner, spouse or child; making a decision about a major career shift; wading through the decision making process regarding a transition in a primary relationship. Spot coaching packages typically consist of 3, 6 or 12 sessions spaced over 6 weeks to 4 months. 

Business Consulting and Team Congruence – Most, if not all, discourse in teams comes from misunderstanding. In working with teams we clear up misunderstanding to pave the way for effective communication, productive relationships, innovation on demand, and unparalleled business results. Engagements are tailored specifically to the team, situation and industry. They generally involve up front intake questionnaires and one-on-one conversations; off site training days; then follow-up web conferences.