Clarity Right Now Laser Coaching


Recently I've been asked to do some spot coaching; folks have come to me wanting clarity about career moves, making money, relationship transitions and the like.

Generally I've worked with clients for one year engagements or more, but I've inspired to create a shorter term "laser coaching" packages to respond to in the moment needs. Something shorter term, less of a time and money investment, but packed with value and most of all focused on You!

If you are having conversations over and over in your head that sound something  like this then Fast Track to Clarity laser coaching might be helpful:

I feel like it is time for a change in my career, but I'm not sure which direction to go.

I'm know the direction I'd like to go in my career, but I'm not sure how to make the change. What do I do first?

I have too many ideas projects, I'm not sure which one to act on first.

I feel stuck, I don't know how to get motivated and get going.

I keep thinking about what I want to get done, but nothing much is actually getting done. Help!

Clarity Right Now Laser Coaching is designed to get you what you are looking for now, in this moment. These sessions are perfect for folks in career transition, people with lots of ideas and goals, individuals starting on a new track in business or in life, people considering any sort of change, moms or for anyone who is feeling stuck.

Clarity Right Now Laser Coaching packages consist of (6) half hour phone coaching sessions with me. These take place over a span of 2 months. The cost is $950. Email me to get started or to have a brief conversation to see if this would be right for you!